Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hello newlife chapter!

Its 1:05am of June 18,2010 on my PC monitor. Practicing to sleep at morning; 'must adapt to my new career. Hello Accenture! Im nervous.... its like im being transferred from one environment to a new different one. Whooo!

For the past years, I've been praying to have a new job. For three years, I've worked for Red Box Solutions as a Sales Engineer. It was supposed to be a good ground for growth, but sadly, the owner of the company itself is the one halting it. Just imagine, we were only four in the group and we made RED BOX SOLUTIONS as SIEMENS PHILIPPINES top distributor for 2009 (in terms of sales). Oh well, telling the truth really hurts, and telling the truth caused the Red Box Solutions to go back to zero again . I will not make further explanation anymore. It's now a closed chapter of my career. Im just missing the team, Sir Joseph Manalo, Maam Emy Saliendra, Sir Philip who was also got evicted from RBS, LG02. We had one dream, and that is to make Red Box Solutions renown in the industry. I miss our activities: time zoning, going to Greenbelt, outing and endless food feasting.I love RED BOX SOLUTIONS, but its the time of the  season to find a new place to grow. Thank you Red Box for those wonderful experience. Im free of telling white lies too! Thank you GOD!

HELLO Accenture!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hello Todaylaudemer

Hello TodayLaudemer! I feel that Im so bad, im not faitrhful to you, I admit, im a twitter addict, but hey, im here again. Writing the "what'sthelatest?" in my life.

So many things happened for the past 5 months of 2010. The blessings that I received for the last 5 months was so overwhelming. I am really totally overwhelmed. Lots of first times you know? First time to go to the farthest north, first time to ride on an airplane (wooohoooo!). First time to have a dinner with the whole family in a 5 star hotel. First time to meet Ms. Darlene Zschech. First time to buy a huge appliance. Hahaha. GOD, You are really awesome.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Darlene Zschech in Manila 2010

Touching Heaven, A night of Worship (A concert for a cause). A one night worship event featuring Darlene Zschech and the Hillsong worship team. All proceeds will go to the rehabilitation of 2009 Typhoons victims.

Presented by The Alliance of Philippine Partners in Enterprise Development (APPEND). Managed and sponsored by the NEXT STEP events Inc.

Tickets are available at the ticketnet outlets.

or you may contact the following APPEND volunteers:

Ticket prices:

Patron - Php 3000 reserved seating
Lowerbox - Php 2250 reserved seating
Upper A - Php 2000 reserved seating
Upper B - Php 1150 free seating
Gen Ad - Php 398 free seating