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New Seven Wonders of Nature Finalist: VOTE FOR Philippines' Puerto Princesa Underground River

There are over a hundred natural wonders the Philippines can offer to the world. Natural wonders that can only be found here in our country. That is why no wonder, the Puerto Princesa's underground river of the Philippines is included to the 28 finalist of vote7 New 7 wonders of Nature. I feel sad that other Philippine natural wonders were not included in the competition:

the majestic Mayon Volcano, world's perfectly cone shaped volcano;

The incredible Chocolate Hills, (where you find a place on earth surrounded by thousands of giant hershey's kisses...and sorry, you can't eat them),

The Banaue rice terraces (man made wonder), the literal "Stairway to heaven"

Boracay , The world's best beach of 2007 and 2008

The Verde islands passage, “CENTER” of the center of the most diversed
marine ecosystem in the world

So sad, New 7 Wonders of Nature only permits one entry per country, but at least our very own Puerto Princesa's underground river is included to the 28 finalist.

The 28 Finalist for the New 7 Wonders of nature are as follows:
1. Philippines' Puerto Princesa Underground River
2. The tallest falls on earth, Venezuela's Angel Falls
3. Canada's Fundy Bay
4. Vietnam's Ha Long Bay
5. Germany's Black Forest
6. UAE Bu Tinah Shoals
7. Ireland's Moher Cliffs
8. Israel's Dead Sea
9. El Yunque National Forest of Puerto Rico
10The great Amazon river of south america
11.Galapagos Islands of Ecuador
12. USA's Grand Canyon
13. Oceania's Great Barrier Reef
14 South Korea's Jeju Island
15. The tallest mountain in South Africa, Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro
16. The tropical islands of Maldives
17. The Komodo Island of Indonesia
18. Poland's Masurian Lake District
19. The Matterhorn/Cervino Alps of Italy, Switzerland
20. The Milford Sound of New Zealand ( favorite film location for fantasy movies )
21. Italy's Mount Vesuvius
22. Sundarban's Delta of Bangladesh
23. Taiwan's Yushan Mountain
24. South Africa's Table Top Mountain
25. Uluru or Ayer's Rock of Australia
26. Azerbaijan's mud volcano
27. Argentina/Brazil's Iguazu Falls
28. Lebanon's Jeita Grotto

The 28 Official Finalists were chosen by the New7Wonders Panel of Experts under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Federico Mayor, former Director-General of UNESCO

In my own opinion, some of the finalists that were chosen are questionable (or may be ,they were just included due to high popularity votes). I guess, based on the finalist list,there are better entries that must be recognized and be nominated.

Unique Beauty

Unique Beauty of the Nominated site is the first criteria of Panel of Experts who chose the final 28. Unique can be defined as having no like or equal; unparalleled; incomparable, unusual, existing as the only one or as the sole example. However, based on the definition of unique, it seems that the panelists disregarded the the first criteria for judging the 28 finalist. :

#1 Vietnam's Halong Bay is

similar to Philippines Coron, palawan

and Thailand's Phang Nga bay in Phuket

And what is wonderful with some of the finalists? For example, there are billions of hectares of forests that covers the land surface of the earth, what's is really wonderful about Germany's black forest and the El Yunque forrest of Puerto Rico? For your information,I do have a slice of black forrest inside my fridge! There are thousands of islands that are better than Maldives and Jeju Islands of South Korea.... have you been in Philippines' hundred islands?

Or philipines' Amanpulo?

What is unique with Bu Tinah Shoals of United Arab Emirates and Sundarbans Mangrove Forest of India/Bangladesh? There are other mangrove forrests in the world, and of course there are many other shoals found in the Pacific.

If you're a Filipino reader, do your own part, VOTE for the Puerto Princesa's underground river to be included in New Seven Wonders of Nature. Click on this link below and spread the news.


And if you're a reader from abroad, please vote for our country's entry . Believe me, you have to explore our country to see our natural wonders.

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