Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ABS-CBN Coverage of President Corazon Aquino's Funeral: TRULY REGAL

Indeed, Tita Cory was truly loved by the Filipinos. I guess, the kind of overwhelming love, honor and respect that were bestow upon her by the Filipino people will never be happen again in the history of the Philippines. In my opinion, President Ramos, Estrada and Arroyo are envying her funeral and wishes to have that same kind of treatment when they die.

It may be almost a month after the death of the Philippine's most cherished and most beloved President Corazon C. Aquino, but still, memories of the coverage of her requiem mass, her funeral march, the people who went to her funeral still gives me goose bumps. My grattitude and appreciation go to ABS-CBN for their excellent coverage for the ex-president's funeral. Thank you ABS-CBN for an astounding and remarkable job! The coverage for the Icon of Democracy's requiem mass was truly regal. The last time I saw this kind of "royal funeral" was the funeral of Princess Diana at Benedictine Abbey 12 years ago. I was very impressed with the lighting; every shots by the camera lenses caught the perfect angles of the event; the positions and movements of the cameras made the mass very dramatic; and ABS-CBN team was able to show the magnificence of Manila Cathedral. One priceless moment that was caught on TV was when Baby James kissed her mom Kris Aquino, Tita Cory's youngest daughter. Thank you ABS-CBN for your Sky Patrol, you had given us a bird's eye view of her funeral cortege that no other networks in the country were able to provide. Thank you ABS-CBN for making us feel that we are there in the exact location where history was taking place. I myself was glued watching your coverage on TV for 10 straight hours on ANC and ABSCBN.

Bravo ABS-CBN!

***I would also like to thank the Armed Forces of the Philiphines and the Bishop of Manila Cathedral for giving the funeral honour to our beloved Tita Cory. Mabuhay kayo!

ABS-CBN Video Footages from youtube Pinas watch
No copyright infringement intentions, just to let the whole world especially the Filipinos around the world see the excellent coverage o the Philippines No. 1 network. Truly World class!

If you were able to watch GMA7, CS9, IBC 13, NBN coverage... you will notice that some of the live video feeds were provided by ABS-CBN particularly the Requiem and Necrological Mass and the Military honour at the Manila Memorial park.

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