Monday, August 31, 2009

Christmas countdown 2009


my christmas wishlist:

1. a brand new DLSR camera
2. a brand new laptop, preferably MAC
3. trip to sydney australia for a week
4. USD 10,000.00 or more
5. peace on earth!
6. a new job
7. a house and lot in stone crest
8. trip to disney land hongkong
9. good health for all the members of my family
10. a better philippines in 2010.

if you have read it and interested to give me anyone of the wishes above(except #5,9 and 10), you may post a comment on this post. Thank you thank you in advance!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ABS-CBN Coverage of President Corazon Aquino's Funeral: TRULY REGAL

Indeed, Tita Cory was truly loved by the Filipinos. I guess, the kind of overwhelming love, honor and respect that were bestow upon her by the Filipino people will never be happen again in the history of the Philippines. In my opinion, President Ramos, Estrada and Arroyo are envying her funeral and wishes to have that same kind of treatment when they die.

It may be almost a month after the death of the Philippine's most cherished and most beloved President Corazon C. Aquino, but still, memories of the coverage of her requiem mass, her funeral march, the people who went to her funeral still gives me goose bumps. My grattitude and appreciation go to ABS-CBN for their excellent coverage for the ex-president's funeral. Thank you ABS-CBN for an astounding and remarkable job! The coverage for the Icon of Democracy's requiem mass was truly regal. The last time I saw this kind of "royal funeral" was the funeral of Princess Diana at Benedictine Abbey 12 years ago. I was very impressed with the lighting; every shots by the camera lenses caught the perfect angles of the event; the positions and movements of the cameras made the mass very dramatic; and ABS-CBN team was able to show the magnificence of Manila Cathedral. One priceless moment that was caught on TV was when Baby James kissed her mom Kris Aquino, Tita Cory's youngest daughter. Thank you ABS-CBN for your Sky Patrol, you had given us a bird's eye view of her funeral cortege that no other networks in the country were able to provide. Thank you ABS-CBN for making us feel that we are there in the exact location where history was taking place. I myself was glued watching your coverage on TV for 10 straight hours on ANC and ABSCBN.

Bravo ABS-CBN!

***I would also like to thank the Armed Forces of the Philiphines and the Bishop of Manila Cathedral for giving the funeral honour to our beloved Tita Cory. Mabuhay kayo!

ABS-CBN Video Footages from youtube Pinas watch
No copyright infringement intentions, just to let the whole world especially the Filipinos around the world see the excellent coverage o the Philippines No. 1 network. Truly World class!

If you were able to watch GMA7, CS9, IBC 13, NBN coverage... you will notice that some of the live video feeds were provided by ABS-CBN particularly the Requiem and Necrological Mass and the Military honour at the Manila Memorial park.

Partly Cloudy

Pixar has never failed to amaze me. As always, PIXAR brings out the inner child among us. Together with my close friends in our church, I was able to watch UP, pixar's latest offer to everyone. I would say that it is one of the best animated picture ever produced by PIXAR.

Included with the movie is the short film entitled "Partly Cloudy"; directed by Peter Sohn and produced by Kevin Reher. I used to see storks carrying and delivering babies in some cartoon programs on tv when I was a kid, but I have no idea why storks deliver babies from the sky. Until I learned (with the help of Wikipedia of course) that storks are symbol of childbirth. The folk tales about stork's role as a baby delivery bird may originate from the European nations of Netherlands and Northern Germany. This cute film shows the process how babies are made and produced , now parents can safely explain to their children where did they come from without the complicated scientific explanation, hahaha.


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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

January 23rd, 2008

Thank goodness! I was able to retrieve some of my blogpost on my former blogsite! Can't believe it... its like I opened my own micro time capsule.

Halo halo!

January 23rd, 2008 by laudemer

Ang bilis no? its already 2008…. i could still remember December 31, 1999…. everybody had a small fear inside their hearts that time as the year 2000 approaches, remember the Y2K bug? the panic buyings due to the preparation of Y2K….hahaha.

I used to jot down on my planner my goals and my gameplans every start of the year. this year is different, until now this year’s plans and goals of mine are still on my mind. Lazy boy. Ok, for you guys , i’ll write a glimpse of my goals on this entry for the year 2008::

1. Attend hillsong live recording this coming march…..dream on doy….dream on
2. Attend the opening ceremony of Beijing olympics…..comments anyone?
3. Visit mickey, minnie and their friends with my barkada in hong kong disney land…..rodel…ahemmmmm!!!!
4. have my own business ( im saving na my money for this goal….. i do have 175 pesos and fifty cents in my coin bank….applause applause)
5. zzzzz…. yan na lang muna, isusulat ko na lang sa planner ko sa saturday, hehehe

by rhe way, most of my goals last year were granted by God, a new job, i got not one not two but three cellphones!!!! (yun nga lang hindi mga latest, Thank You Lord still). Lord, pwede ba iphone this year? I know you can provide me one, but that is according to Your will hehehe.God is good! yeah, God is great.
God even let me experience how to become a winner on a TV Quiz show ( 1 vs 100 ) and He also gave me a chance to meet Switch Foot. 2007 was really a blast! Awesome year.
I’ve met lots of new friends, like the people from red box and eco, reeya and switchfoot street team, 100 voice cantata choir people, enrico and donna of 1 vs 100, new people from ANLCC, red box ojts CJ and Jon, and many more. Beautiful people.

The start of the year has a lot of surprises also; up to now, i cant believe that Tito Andrew is in heaven, now he’s having a” pure and real” worship with GOD. To Maam Pearl, be strong, God is great! He knows what is best to all of us. to be continued na lang….. i have to go. By the way watch out for September 24 this year…i know something is gonna happen on that day…..basta

FYI folks, nothing happened to my 2008 goals.... but God did some things to me that were truly overwhelming.... and nothing happened on the 24th of September 2008.

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