Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mount Pinatubo Trek

March 1, 2009. An extraordinary Sunday that I will never forget. I was able to conquer Mt. Pinatubo. Our group departed Manila at around 2 AM and arrived at the starting point ,Pinatubo Spa Town at Brgy.Juliana Capas Tarlac. The trek adventure to Pinatubo is consisted of two phases, 1st: going to the mountain ridge base via 4x4 vehicle drive ( 40 minutes using the sky way, and an hour using the old way). Second: the 3 hours trek to the crater lake. Must haves: lots of water, energy drinks, choco bars, first aid kit, sun screens, ipods, good trekking sandals, swim wear,if you're planning to go swimming in the lake. Trek package cost P1,500 ( 4x4 vehicle, driver, trek guide and lunch meal included).

The views going to volcano's caldera were truly captivating, amazing, and breathtaking. Lots of streams, rocks of different colors,valleys of lahar deposits as high as 10 storey buildings, unusual sights to see. It was like walking in lahar wall street....hahaha. If you're lucky enough, you could see native aborigines (Aetas).

Toshi Fujita

Wendy Fujita with Lahar Deposit BackdropMara Garcia

The water was too was like swimming in a pool of needles.
The depth of this lake is unknown, only professional swimmers are allowed to swim in the lake. The taste of the water is a little bit salty, because of the traces of sulfur chloride. I am really really proud that I was able to swim in this lake.

An experience that I will never forget.
Photos from our trek in Mt.Pinatubo. Trekkers: Terry Cablay, Mara Garcia, Me (Laudemer Beltran), Toshi Fujita, Wendy Fujita, Malou Manzanida.

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