Thursday, January 8, 2009

Morning Banana diet: Wanna try?


Everybody's talking about this latest diet fad in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.According to a Time Magazine article dated October 17, 2008 (,8599,1850454,00.html). The morning banana diet made the Philippine bananas the hottest items on every Japanese market shelves. FYI: Philippines is exporting bananas to Japan for 40 years, Dole Japan said that their banana importation has increased by 25%, and the banana sales soared up to 70%. Looks like that there will be a banana shortage this year, hahaha. And the man or the woman rather to blame for this fad: the Osakan pharmacist Ms. Sumiko Watanabe, who introduced this stress free, easiest, simplest and 2nd cheapest diet ever invented (only after the 40 days fasting... kidding) to her husband, who lost 37 llbs in due course of diet.This diet also do not require any exercise program, well how about that? WTG!

The Diet Rules:
Very Simple:A follower of this diet plan eats one or more bananas with room temperature water for breakfast. The dieter can choose what they want for lunch, a three-o'clock snack, and dinner, but no desserts are permitted. Nothing is eaten after 8 pm, and the dieter must go to bed by midnight.

So what's with banana?

Banana is very high in fiber thus, it can make you feel you feel full when you eat some. It is also rich in carbohydrates and vitamin B also known as fat burners.


The sugars in bananas adhere to your teeth more than other fruits, so eating them in the morning puts you at high risk of cavities. Bananas are also very constipating. This diet is not recommended to those persons with constipation problem.


I will give it a try for myself. Ive been struggling to lose extra pounds. I used to weigh only 135 lbs (that was almost a year and a half ago) But just two months after December 2007, I gained 15 pounds.And now, Im weighing 170 lbs, 30 llbs heavier than Manny Pacquiao. This leads me to include any diet to my new year's resolutions that will help me lose weight. I will try to combine this with exercise, moderate lunch and dinner and drinking a liter of green tea a day to see the result faster. Summer is coming and i need to have a six pack abs! 'Hope this diet works!

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Anonymous said...

is this true??i am currently trying this, but I still eat what I want afterwards.this had been my breakfast for 2 weeks now. i'm not trying to lose weight, but trying to be healthy. haha.