Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A message to Barack Obama

I would like to congratulate you for being courageous as you accept the seat of the world's most powerful office. I pray that our Lord will be with you, that He may give you His Divine Guidance and Wisdom in leading the world's lone super power. Always put God first in everything you do and God will take the rest. We hope that we can see the change that everybody wants to see in this world. Today is just the first step towards your long journey as the president of USA. Being at the highest seat is not an easy task. All eyes will look on your every single steps. Love justice! Hate sins and do not justify sins. Remember always that you were placed in that position not only to lead but also to serve. Remember the people who believes in you. Most important, remember Israel, protect her from her enemies. Again, congratulations on your historic mandate not only to USA but also to the whole world.

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