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I was able to watch the live coverage of Philippines two broadcasting giants (ABS-CBN 2 and GMA 7 ) on the inauguration of US 44th President Barack Obama last January 20,2009.

ABS-CBN started the coverage at 11:00 PM of January 20 and ended at 2:00 am, the following day January 21,2009, where ABS-CBN 2 and Studio 23 joined forces with ANC's Inauguration coverage. It was anchored by Ces Drilon and Ricky Carandang. Invited in the newscenter were Historian Manolo Quezon and the other guy which I've forgotten the name along with the anchors gave insights and information about the inauguration rites in the US, people who were on the live video feed who were attending the inauguration and their background information as well and in depth analysis and comments on speech given by Barack Obama.Ging Reyes, ABS-CBN North American News Bureau Chief along with Ms. Charie Villa ABS-CBN NG VP ( News Gathering) were in Washington Mall and delivered the news more on the crowds reactions and anticipations and infos about the things that were not captured by the cameras. (FYI: Ms. Charie Villa was invited as a guest of the United States government for the International Visitor Leadership Program ).

GMA 7 coverage on the inauguration started after " REPORTERS NOTEBOOK" which was about 12:30 AM. The program was anchored by the tandem of Arnold Clavio and Vicky
Morales. Jessica Soho, broadcast journalist and vice-president of GMA-7 News and Public Affairs along with Raffy Tima and Jiggy Manicad were in the Washington National Mall provided informations about the Inauguration.


Why? Read my reasons:

- The early bird catches the worm. ABS-CBN started an hour ealier compared to GMA's coverage. The Inauguration of President Barack Obama was historic being the first black American elected as US President and considered "HIGHLY ANTICIPATED". Most of the TV viewers were excited about this historic event, whether you're a student or a fashionista who wants to see what will Michelle Obama will wear in the inauguration. ABS-CBN broadcasted everything about the inauguration, from the preparation to the inaugural parade, with very few commercials added. While GMA did'nt realize this; they just continued to show their regular programs before they cover the history. Who cares about their "hot" issues on reporters notebook? If you were in a very important situation and the situation is making a history, will you continue to do the same thing that you are doing?

- TV Commercials. WTF!!! Why did GMA "News & Public affairs" allowed loading of so many TV commercials in their commercials during a historic event? Was the coverage about Manny Pacquiao and Dela Hoya? Again, television is a tool in writing our HISTORY....and to earn profits as well. In the case of ABS-CBN ...they were just moderate.I salute ABS-CBN to that!

- The Coverage itself. ABS-CBN coverage of the inauguration was in Tagalog and English format. ABS-CBN got the interest of people of all social status. GMA's coverage was in Tagalog format except for the video feed live from Washington. GMA 7 caught the interest of the "masa". But was the "masa" interested in Obama's Inauguration? ABS-CBN invited historians and experts in their coverage thus making it more interesting. ( Wow, their annotations and insights are very informative). During the Inauguration proper, I noticed that te anchors and guest of ABS-CBN were silent when important words were uttered in during the event, (they were also listening ! ). In other words, the coverage of ABS-CBN was more comprehensive than GMA.

My verdict is based on the things that I have observed while watching the Inaugural rites on both TV stations. My verdict is supplemented with the reasons above. I want to reitarate that every minute is precious! Everything we do are written in HISTORY. This is my blog, and I have the right to execise my right to express feelings in this blog in a responsible and just manner.If you don't like my review: make your own blog. My comments are moderate compared to the comments of others (


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