Tuesday, December 2, 2008


After attending a choir practice last saturday, i decided to watch a movie at festival mall coz i had nothing to do after the practice. I watched the movie "Twilight". Im not a fan of Stephenie meyer, but I was just curious about the movie "twilight" because the book is a world best seller .I'm familiar with Stephenie Meyer's series of books but only for the titles and book covers; no idea what Stephenie's writing all about. ..... 

..... yun pala yung story ng twilight.....love story between a human and a "vegetarian" type blood sucker.It is the latest romantic movie I've watched in a cinema after step up. I cannot compare the movie with the book coz i havent read the novel;Im sure many bookworms will give negative opinions about this movie. As always, the book is better than the movie"....Harry potter for example and khaled hosseini's "the Kite runner".

here is a list of the things I've noticed and observed about the movie TWILIGHT

1.The abilities of the Cullens are cool (except for sucking blood).
2. There are some scenes in the movie that Edward Cullen's face looked like an espasol.
3. Kristen Stewart is beautiful.
4. Philippine flag looks so good in the movie. Mabuhay ang' Pinas!
5. Hindi ba tinatablan ng bawang or ng holy water ang mga Cullens?
6. Walang budget ang movie para sa mga "vampire's teeth" hehehe.


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