Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This is to end the all comparisons, admit it guys, Pinoy Dream Academy is better compared to Pinoy Idol. It is like you compare a professional singing competition ( that is PDA) to a cheap amateur singing contest ( Pinoy Idol ).


TV Ratings: FINALS NIGHT ( Source AGB Nielsen Mega Manila Household TV Ratings)

Pinoy Idol Finale
August 16, 2008: 29.9%
August 17, 2008: 28.0% ( Announcement of “first Pinoy Idol”)

Pinoy Dream Academy
September 13, 2008: 31.8% ( Performance Night)
September 14, 2008: 36.1% ( Awarding Night)


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Other noticeable observations:

It seemed that Pinoy Idol tried to copy the style of American Idol; but they failed. To explained it better and more clearly, please visit this link:

Comparison of Winners

ABS-CBN & Endemol were transparent to show the result of the text votes. GMA & Freemantle Media were not able to show the actual votes of the finalist.

The final’s result of GMA Pinoy Idol was blemished by some controversy. According to comments received from other blogsites and portals with related with the Pinoy Idol finals result, many were disappointed over the victory of Gretchen Espina being the fist Pinoy Idol. (http://pinoyidolblog.com/ , please read “And the Sour Taste of Victory...” from http://www.pinoyidol2008.com/ , please read hundred of comments from PEP portal, http://www.pep.ph/news/18787/FIRST-READ-ON-PEP:-Gretchen-Espina-proclaimed-as-the-first-Pinoy-Idol ). The possible main reason according to the comments was Gretchen Espina’s wealthy family influence over text voting result. Secondly, according to other comments, Jay Ann is far better than Gretchen. Television critic Nestor U. Torre wrote in his Philippine Daily Inquirer that Pinoy Idol finals is underwhelming (http://showbizandstyle.inquirer.net/entertainment/entertainment/view/20080822-156283/Pinoy-Idol-finals-underwhelming ).

On the other hand, the finals of Pinoy Dream Academy was truly spectacular. Many were commenting that the venue was not filled by the crowd, but the reason for this is that he venue is not strategic compared to Araneta Coliseum that during that time was having the UAAP Semi Finals or in the SMX Convention Center. Many were disappointed over Miguel Mendoza, who placed third in the competition ( like the case of Gretchen Espina, the family influence of Miguel, according to the comments of others, was the reason behind Miguel’s triumph ). On my observation, all the finalist are winners. Cris, Van, and Sen have the face value and I think ABS-CBN will use this opportunity for the three. Miguel, has the capability of writing songs, and this will be his edge to stay in the Industry. Liezel’s voice is so unique and beautiful, her performance in the finals night was really really awesome and can be compared to other international singers like Rihanna, Beyonce and Alicia Keys. I hope that she will be a like Charice Pempengco who is now no doubt an international star.

Criticisms on Pinoy Idol on Wikipedia
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One way to compare which is better is to use Google Trend. By typing Pinoy Idol, Pinoy Dream Academy on the Google Trend Search Engine, the result shows that PDA is incomparable to Pinoy Idol.

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Can’t wait for PINOY FEAR FACTOR.

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your wrong,very very wrong, pinoy idol is wayway way way way way better than pda