Monday, September 29, 2008

Ketiva ve-chatima tovah!!!!!

It's the start of year 5769  for the Jewish! Happy Rosh Hashanah!!!! To the people of Israel: May the LORD GOD bless the Land of Israel forever! I also pray that Yahweh will protect the people of Israel from the works of their enemies. May the favour of GOD almighty be upon the children of Israel forever! Maranatha & Shalom to all!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This is to end the all comparisons, admit it guys, Pinoy Dream Academy is better compared to Pinoy Idol. It is like you compare a professional singing competition ( that is PDA) to a cheap amateur singing contest ( Pinoy Idol ).


TV Ratings: FINALS NIGHT ( Source AGB Nielsen Mega Manila Household TV Ratings)

Pinoy Idol Finale
August 16, 2008: 29.9%
August 17, 2008: 28.0% ( Announcement of “first Pinoy Idol”)

Pinoy Dream Academy
September 13, 2008: 31.8% ( Performance Night)
September 14, 2008: 36.1% ( Awarding Night)


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Other noticeable observations:

It seemed that Pinoy Idol tried to copy the style of American Idol; but they failed. To explained it better and more clearly, please visit this link:

Comparison of Winners

ABS-CBN & Endemol were transparent to show the result of the text votes. GMA & Freemantle Media were not able to show the actual votes of the finalist.

The final’s result of GMA Pinoy Idol was blemished by some controversy. According to comments received from other blogsites and portals with related with the Pinoy Idol finals result, many were disappointed over the victory of Gretchen Espina being the fist Pinoy Idol. ( , please read “And the Sour Taste of Victory...” from , please read hundred of comments from PEP portal, ). The possible main reason according to the comments was Gretchen Espina’s wealthy family influence over text voting result. Secondly, according to other comments, Jay Ann is far better than Gretchen. Television critic Nestor U. Torre wrote in his Philippine Daily Inquirer that Pinoy Idol finals is underwhelming ( ).

On the other hand, the finals of Pinoy Dream Academy was truly spectacular. Many were commenting that the venue was not filled by the crowd, but the reason for this is that he venue is not strategic compared to Araneta Coliseum that during that time was having the UAAP Semi Finals or in the SMX Convention Center. Many were disappointed over Miguel Mendoza, who placed third in the competition ( like the case of Gretchen Espina, the family influence of Miguel, according to the comments of others, was the reason behind Miguel’s triumph ). On my observation, all the finalist are winners. Cris, Van, and Sen have the face value and I think ABS-CBN will use this opportunity for the three. Miguel, has the capability of writing songs, and this will be his edge to stay in the Industry. Liezel’s voice is so unique and beautiful, her performance in the finals night was really really awesome and can be compared to other international singers like Rihanna, Beyonce and Alicia Keys. I hope that she will be a like Charice Pempengco who is now no doubt an international star.

Criticisms on Pinoy Idol on Wikipedia
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see the criticism section


One way to compare which is better is to use Google Trend. By typing Pinoy Idol, Pinoy Dream Academy on the Google Trend Search Engine, the result shows that PDA is incomparable to Pinoy Idol.

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Can’t wait for PINOY FEAR FACTOR.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Statement released by Michael Guglielmucci's father

August 24, 2008

THE father of pastor Michael Guglielmucci, Danny, read this brief statement to a packed congregation to explain his son's actions.

"Today is a very sad day for our family and church family.

For many years our son, Michael has suffered from unexplained illnesses. We have been worried as we have seen him suffer and spend periods of time in hospital.

Two years ago our lives were totally turned around by the sad news of our sons' cancer diagnosis. The love and support shown by our local church and all of our many friends around the world helped us get through a very difficult situation.

During the last two years we have experienced the favor of God, his love and grace, and also the constant pain of the possibility of losing a son.

On Tuesday 12th of August we received a call to come and meet with Mike and Amanda but weren't ready for what we were about to hear. Mike began to share how he has lived a lie for the last 16 years of his life because of addictive behavior he couldn't break free from.

He loved God and would throw himself into prayer, worship, and serving God with full energy and enthusiasm but still couldn't break free.

In September in 2006, Mike had an accident and went to hospital. It was at this time, because of his torment of living a double life, Mike thought he could escape the pain by creating a diversion from his addiction to adult pornography, so he created the cancer scenario.

The pain of this addiction was so deep that he started something he couldn't stop and proceeded on a downward spiral that led to him experiencing pain and suffering that resulted in constant vomiting and many other symptoms of a genuine sufferer.

Sharonne and I witnessed these episodes and pained and wept over his suffering. Michael wrote the song Healer because he wanted God to set him free from his addiction but hid it behind the lie of a fabricated illness.

Once he had started down this track he felt he couldn't stop so he continued to act out this sickness, feeling he had gone too deep into the lie.

I can't begin to tell you how much this is hurting us on the inside. A few weeks ago Mike had a dream of Jesus on the cross looking down on him saying, 'the truth will set you free' and so he decided to confess and bring everything out into the open.

I immediately contacted our National Executive and submitted to their advice and council. Church, our family needs your prayers at this time. We are so, so sorry to bring you into this.

I have lead you with openness and integrity and declare that we have not lived a lie before you. We fully understand the questions, shock, disbelief and even anger you may feel over this announcement. Please pray for us and we will pray for you.

Michael is struggling with a different kind of illness and is receiving professional help and will do so as long as is needed. On the council and advice of our executive and board, after our up and coming Edge conference, we will take time to be with Mike and get him all the professional and spiritual help he needs to come to full recovery.

We have an amazing team. Thank you, executive, board, staff and church, for your love and support. We will do what is right before God and man and see this situation turned around for the glory of God. We love you. ",22606,24233308-5006301,00.html?from=public_rss

Monday, September 1, 2008

Michael Guglielmucci: An eye opener to us all

          The confession of Michael Guglielmucci last August 21,2008 was like a tsunami that affected not only Hillsong Church nor  Australia but also the whole Christian world. It affected me somehow when I heard about news, because I always play the song “Healer” which was composed by him on my cd player. So many questions surfaced on my mind: Why? How can he do this to us? What are his intentions to do such things like that and so on. It’s really sad to know Christian leaders being the front liners sometimes fall at Satan’s baits.

But after reading the reports and interviews of Michael Guglielmucci over the Internet, I have forgiven him. Let us also think that there are many Christians and non Christians who are encountering this kind of problem; you never know if your close friends and relatives may be suffering from this problem. Mike's confession has become an eye opener to all; and God is letting this happen for the purification of His people and as one of the preparation of His coming.
         Jesus said this: “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her” (referring to Mary Magdalene). The bible also says in Romans 2:1 “Therefore you have no excuse, everyone of you who passes judgment, for in that which you judge another, you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things.” We are all human, therefore we’re not perfect and as a Christians we need the help of each other to grow with Christ. Being humans, our instinct is to hide and cover our sins; classic examples are Adam and David. Sin is like a wound on your skin; our skin needs to be sanitized in order to become wound free. If you will not pay attention to your wound, it can become infected and could create serious problem. You cannot cover your wound with a dirty gauze to heal it, or else it will worsen. Will is the first step to heal the wound on your skin. Sin, like the wound on the skin, needs to be exposed in order to be cleaned and healed by the blood of Jesus. Sanitizing us from our sin can be uncomfortable and hurtful but it’s the only way to make us spotless. Hallelujah!