Friday, August 8, 2008

Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony : a review

Though the opening ceremony of the 29th Olympiad was impressive and amazaing, I can't help but compare it from the previous opening ceremonies of Sydney and Athens olympics.

Overall, the whole show did'nt reach my expectation.I thought that it will beat Athens Opening Ceremony last 2004, but I was wrong. It was like watching an old Chinese Martial Art movie (remember Once upon a time in China?).The Tai Chi exhibition was quite boring. The special effects used in the show wasn't good enough to tumble the special effects used in Athens opening ceremony. The lighting of the Olympic cauldron was better compare to the last Olympic ( the lighting of Athen' s olympic cauldron can be compared to a man lighting a titanic cigarette).
What I really like about Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony were the pyrotechnics displays and the Bird's Nest itself.

Best Olympic Opening Ceremony

1st Athens Olympics 2004

2nd Sydney Olympics 2000

3rd Beijing Olympics 2008

4th Barcelona Olympcics 1998
5th Atlanta Olympics 1996

Best Olympic Stadium
1st Beijing Olympic Stadium
2nd Athens Olympic Stadium
3rd Sydney Olympic Stadium

Best Lighting of Olympic Flame ( Olympic Cauldron)

1st Sydney Olympics (futuristic)

2nd Barcelona Olympics (classic)

3rd Beijing Olympics
4th Athens Olympics

5th Atlanta Olympics

Bjorks Ocenia at athens Olympics

Trivia from Wikipedia!
Beginning at the post-World War I 1920 Summer Olympics, the lighting of the Olympic Flame was for 68 years followed by the release of doves, symbolizing peace.This gesture was discontinued after several doves were burned alive in the Olympic Flame during the opening ceremony of the 1988 Summer Olympics.However, some Opening Ceremonies have continued to include doves in other forms; for example, the 2002 Winter Olympics featured skaters holding kite-like cloth dove puppets. The 2008 Summer Olympics also included a physical formation of a dove using many people in lighted suits.


Anonymous said...

The Olympiad opening ceremony was amazing, the technology utilized unprecedented, and 2008 tai chi performers, well, incredible!

I feel sorry for your lack of understanding of the symbolism involved, representing 5000 years of Chinese history allied with the most modern technology (half a mile long lsd screen)!

The emphasis on the yin/yang dichotomy (light/dark, movement/stillness) was perfect, in what I consider the best opening ever.

Shame on you for missing all the fine points, only being able to see the pyrotecnics!

Anonymous said...

It the best opening ceremony in the history, it is impossible to surpass in the near future due to its complexity, gigantic size, and massive performers (over 10K, performers have no double duties, due to the lack of time to change costumes). If you know China’s history, you will be able to appreciate much more about its contents and spirits. It showed the world that China is becoming a powerful nation again, with confidence, strength, glory, and friendly gestures.

Anonymous said...

Uh.. Greece had a bunch of drummers and a whimper of fireworks. Given your own criteria, I would say Greece falls short (way short). Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I would say your review is in the marginalized minority. In my opinion, Barcelona was more interesting than Sydney, Sydney more interesting than Greece, Greece more interesting than Atlanta and China more interesting than them all.

Anonymous said...

By the way the torch lighting in Barcelona 92 DID NOT enter the cauldron. Good idea but bad on execution. Still, no medals for this attempt.

The best torch lighting is this