Monday, July 7, 2008

Earthquake Swarms

I was in an internet cafe last sunday night browsing the net when I felt something that made me slightly dizzy..... an earthquake? Was that an earthquake? I told to myself. It was! As confirmed by the other net users from the other table of the cafe. Did you feel that?, I asked the cafe owner, unluckily for him, he did'nt notice the mild quake. Even the chatmates of the net users also felt the tremor. Wheeeew, forgive me for my words but that mild tremor experience was awesome...crazy me hehehe. About 30 minutes later another shake of the same intensity happened again. An after shock, i have thought.I hurriedly checked the website where I could easily see the earthquake location and intensity had occured.   and  bingo.... two earhtquakes in a row.
 And Just this morning, around 9:41 am, another quake with an almost the same magnitude of intensity 5.0 hit Luzon. I found out on Philippine Daily Inquirer  that the quakes that we were experiencing for the past three days were part of an eartquake swarm

'' The quake was part of an “earthquake swarm” or series of tremors that started last Thursday, caused by the movement of the East Luzon Trough off the northeastern seaboard '' --- Phivolcs Director Renato Solidum.

According to the Director, earthquake swarms were common and could last for over a month. Last March of this year the Southern part of the Philippines was hit by an earthquake swarm where Phivolcs has recorded 48 earthquakes. Two movements were considered strong and recorded at intensity 5 in Richter scale, one was monitored at intensity 4. Goodness!

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