Wednesday, June 4, 2008


It seems that ITALY is fortunato for this year's WORLD PYRO OLYMPICS. It's their debut in the second most prestigious fireworks display competition in the World and tadahhhh... they grabbed the winner's cup; the best among others. I've been a fan WPO ever since and I've never missed watching it since the annual Pyro competition started last 2006. I watched the Canada's and France's WPO entries last May 12 and last May 31, host country, the Philippines' exhibition at the rooftop of Mall of Asia with Hillsong United Street team and a friend of mine. As usual, the finale of the Philippines was the scattering of hundreds or a thousand perhaps of red flares into the night sky of Manila bay. Such an awesome and incredible moment! The dark sky turned into a burning red ....the sky was literally blazing! Hundreds of floating fires in the sky that lasted for about a was really amazing. Unfortunately, I was'nt able to see the exhibition of team ITALY last May 19, but luckily still, thanks to people who uploaded their videos on youtube. This video below is from nn93. One word for team ITALY : EXCELLENTE!

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