Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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1. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
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10 Random Things About LAUDEMER:

1. Vegetables hate me.....and so do I hehehe. Bilang sa daliri ko sa kamay yung times na nakakain ako ng gulay (forced pa yun....hahaha). Kahit minced carrots sa yang chow, na-fifilter ko, hehehe. I do not eat vegetables and i don't know why hehe....except sa kalabasa, capsulated veggies and french fries!!!! (glorified potatoes, hahaha)  

2. Im a chocolate addict.....choc nut, nips, m&m, hershey's, cadbury's , tobleron,dark, white...sweetened or not, i do even eat tableas raw ( native chocolates from Bohol)

3. Im a colour blind person (the result of no. 1 hahaha) . Its kinda hard for me to distinguish the colours red and green, green and brown, brown and red, violet and blue, violet and pink, pink and white. *** ( subject to change)

4. A volunteer TV camera man/director in our Church since 1998 (man, 10 years na pala). Watch This New Life on IBC 13 Sundays 6:30AM to 7:30 AM (plugging hehehe)

5.My name comes from the Latin portuguese word laudemer which means "praise". Laude from the latin word LAUDE which means honour......kapanipaniwala ba? hahaha

6.Im a GUINNESS World record, just a part of the world's largest human rainbow, im one of 35 kilo pixel, i mean 35000 people who formed that rainbow.

7. I've done 2 spying jobs from my previous work....and the experience was exciting! ( I was almost caught in my last 007 work...woooo). Given the chance to work as a spy again, im very willing to do the job again.

8.I was one of the few VERY LUCKY persons here in the Philippines who witnessed the Leonid meteor shower of 2001. I just counted 250 meteors lang naman (falling stars) for about an hour. That event happens only every 33 years.Did i mention that I saw the moon turned blooddy red last 2004?

9.I love pizzas!!!!! ( wala nang maisip, hahaha)

10. I believe that our good works here on earth won't save us from eternal hell. Our relationship with Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation. Just accept Jesus as your Saviour,believe that He died for your sins and He has ressurected to redeem us from sins;  have a good relationship with Him; follow his directions....that's it, Welcome to HEAVEN!!!

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