Saturday, February 9, 2008

***, and " National Broadband Network" Deal

If there's a smoke, there's a fire. That is the problem with the "Commissioner", and the palace people; they do know how to create fire but they dont know how to extinguish it. To the Filipino people, the new revelations revealed by the new key witness about the NBN and ZTE deal were quite "revealing", yet, i am not surprised about what the COMELEC Officer has done. Remember, that is his work description, he's a " COMMISIONER", right? That old man wants to have a commision of just a small amount of $ 130 million bucks from the $ 329 million government project. Imagine that , if that project was not cancelled and was awarded to *****'s giant telecom provider *** with the help of the COMMISSIONER, *** will provide that $329 million loan to the government, which means, we the Filipino people will shoulder the payment for ***. Thank heaven for the son of the dethroned House Speaker. What a government our country has! I hope that the people from National Geogaphic and Discovery Channel are reading this, may be you could feature our government in your shows, it will be really interesting to feature a "ghost fearing monitor lizard " residing in a Palace which is also infested with "military parasites". You could also show the "pork eating crocodiles" in the House of Congress. Not to mention those "small time commisioner rodents" in the local governments. The question now is..... after we have heard "the buzz" from the Crying, self proclaimed "small time Chinese guy" in the senate, what will happen next? By the way, I was advised by my parents not to go malling, and to use the LRTs and MRTs these coming days. Yeah, I know, those guys will create ways to divert the issue by any means.

To those officials who are seating in government offices because of the mandate of the Filipino people, do you believe that there's an eternity after life on this earth? All of us will be judged accordingly to what we have done here on this planet. But you guys will be judged greater for you have given a greater accountabilty.

Bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan ay wag magalit.

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