Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thoughts about love

For the sake of Valentine's Day, I will share my thoughts about the most powerful force in the universe, that is what Ashlee Simpson had spelled in her song; L-O-V-E, that is what all we need according to BEATLES; It's definitely the most powerful force in the universe; LOVE drives you into the next level of your personality; LOVE changes you, dramatically and drastically!im serious man, LOVE drives you crazy whether your a guy, a gal or a... whatever. You're outta this world if you have'nt experienced it, oh, let me rephrase it, you're a genderless creature if you do not feel LOVE? If there's no LOVE in this Universe, everything is nothing and meaningless. Agree? It is LOVE who drove GOD to send HIS ONLY SON JESUS to save us from death, that whoever believes in JESUS will not perish, but have an everlasting LIFE. That is PURE, HOLY, LOVE! But come to think also that LOVE can be turned into a dark force; you can be greedy, tell lies, kill someone ( man, that is a serious case! ), lose someone, ....everything that is the opposite of PURE LOVE.
Did i ever fall in love? What the? Yeah, a lot! i am human, remember! And it always drives me wild....add the word insane and mad, and count the word RISKY too. I like the feeling of being in love when the person you love has the same feelings for you. I love the process of buying exquisite chocolates to your dearest and other courting rituals. HAPPY VALENTINES TO ALL! Am I in a relationship right now? NOPE. Am I courting someone, I dunno? Am I in love with some one....yup.

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cj said...

Belated Happy Valentines Sir. Anu sir musta luvlife? hehe.