Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cell phone photography 101

I only had the chance today to upload the photos from my cellphone to my computer. I wanna share my photos with you and i hope you would apreciate it. I really love taking pictures with my cellphone, however, the resolution is not quite good ( my cell phone is a nokia 2360 that is why the images that it produces have a poor resolutions.

lucky enough to capture the last sunset of 2007. Photo taken from south luzon express way

Photo taken last sunday around noon time.
During this season, the deciduous rosewood tree ( or NARRA in local name)
on the picture above has just shed its leaves. This photo was described by my friend CJ as nostalgic.

While the rosewood trees are shedding their leaves, the mango trees are in blossoming season. Luckily we have a mango tree on our front yard that is in full blossom. Can't wait to harvest the fruits on the next coming months.

This photo was taken last january 1,2008. My family went to Tagaytay ridge, and this is the only photo i was able to save on my phone. Photo above shows the taal volcano in the middle of taal lake.

The wall street of the Philippines, Ayala Avenue, in Makati Central Business District.

Photo of Charlie, my pet sheep dog, he's turning 4 years old this coming november. He is given to us by a family friend '' tita kutz herber'', until now, im still in a doubt if Charlie is a Sheep dog or a Collie. On his background is Margareth, she just turned 4 years old last January. She's the better partner of Charlie. Are'nt they cute?

This photo was also taken last sunday. The location was just in the city, would you believe that? the place was at the back of Festival Supermall at Filinvest city Alabang, South of Manila. I was able to capture the other side of the Metropolis.

My niece pauline lois santos while feeding milk. Shes turning one year old this April 7.

Another rosewood tree

sun rays...

tree shadow


Anonymous said...

I love your pictures, they are fantastic. My fav was of the Business District because it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie of the future...

Anonymous said...

Hi. I love your cell phone pictures. Please enter my cell phone photo exhibit! Thanks! Daiv Details following:

Call for Artists: At The Cellular Level
A cell phone photography exhibit

Independent curator Daiv Whaley and Brandt Gallery of the Tremont District in Cleveland, Ohio announce an open call for submissions of cell phone photographs for the first At The Cellular Level – Cell Phone Photography as Art. The exhibit, which will open in November 2008, will feature cell phone photography from professional and amateur artists from around the world and promises to be a stimulating visual dialogue on the use of convenience technology in the twenty-first century.

“Considering that not so long ago photography wasn’t viewed as a fine art, I wanted to up the ante and really challenge the professional photography crowd to work in this more limiting medium of cell phone photography and see what kind of amazing images they can come up with,” explains Whaley, himself a Polaroid photo enthusiast. “Also, where once upon a time only photographers were lugging around camera equipment, today the majority of people carry small phones that can capture images that often find their way into news stories online and even on television. I personally have not heard of an exhibit with this theme before, and I’m excited to see the kind of work “amateurs” are making on a daily basis. This is going to be fun!”

At The Cellular Level opens at the Brandt Gallery in November of 2008. The longest-running gallery in the Tremont district, the space has a history of maverick and unconventional shows and is the originator of the Tremont ArtWalk that has revitalized the once-declining neighborhood. Whaley, himself an exhibiting visual artist, has previously curated exhibits on propaganda, lightworks, and large-scale paintings.

To submit cell phone photographs for consideration for At The Cellular Level, please send up to 4 images saved as jpgs or gifs to Send your cell phone pictures directly from your cell phone to the email address, or download your images to your desktop and then email them as attachments. Please include artist’s name, title of each image, and city and country of residence with your submission. Please refrain from computer manipulation of the images, and send all images at the size they were created using the cell phone.

Artists will be notified upon acceptance in the exhibit.
Deadline for submissions is November 9, 2008.