Sunday, February 10, 2008

Burn the fats baby!

Arrrrggggg!!!! I got alarmed when I stood on the weighing scale last week; the weighing scale needle stopped at 150, Im fifteen pounds heavier, blame that long non-stop eating yuletide season here in the philippines. I used to be only 135 pounds last November, you know, and gaining a lot of pounds is no joke. My problem now is that I can't start to do simple exercises to retain my previous weight. Lousy me, hehe. What I am doing now as a temporary solution is drinking green tea everyday, I just started last Wednesday.......hehehe, I've drunk at least about 1.5 liters of green tea today. I really used to drink green tea, I just stopped because its quite expensive. Well, let's see what will green tea could do in trimming the fats that i have collected from the past several months. May be I'll start my exercise program after this week.

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Urashima Keitaro said...

It's simple if you want to lose weight but it is not that fast lor..
You just need to eat according to your need (calories per day/depends on your lifestyle).. Make sure every meals that you eat are is a healthy diet o.k..