Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cell phone photography 101

I only had the chance today to upload the photos from my cellphone to my computer. I wanna share my photos with you and i hope you would apreciate it. I really love taking pictures with my cellphone, however, the resolution is not quite good ( my cell phone is a nokia 2360 that is why the images that it produces have a poor resolutions.

lucky enough to capture the last sunset of 2007. Photo taken from south luzon express way

Photo taken last sunday around noon time.
During this season, the deciduous rosewood tree ( or NARRA in local name)
on the picture above has just shed its leaves. This photo was described by my friend CJ as nostalgic.

While the rosewood trees are shedding their leaves, the mango trees are in blossoming season. Luckily we have a mango tree on our front yard that is in full blossom. Can't wait to harvest the fruits on the next coming months.

This photo was taken last january 1,2008. My family went to Tagaytay ridge, and this is the only photo i was able to save on my phone. Photo above shows the taal volcano in the middle of taal lake.

The wall street of the Philippines, Ayala Avenue, in Makati Central Business District.

Photo of Charlie, my pet sheep dog, he's turning 4 years old this coming november. He is given to us by a family friend '' tita kutz herber'', until now, im still in a doubt if Charlie is a Sheep dog or a Collie. On his background is Margareth, she just turned 4 years old last January. She's the better partner of Charlie. Are'nt they cute?

This photo was also taken last sunday. The location was just in the city, would you believe that? the place was at the back of Festival Supermall at Filinvest city Alabang, South of Manila. I was able to capture the other side of the Metropolis.

My niece pauline lois santos while feeding milk. Shes turning one year old this April 7.

Another rosewood tree

sun rays...

tree shadow

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

3rd World Pyro Olympics: Rescheduled Again for the nth time!

Not again! For the nth time the 3rd World World Pyro Olympics is reschedule again. Check out the reschedule date:

The World Olympics III has been moved and will be held on the following dates:

April 5, 2008
April 12, 2008
April 19, 2008
April 26, 2008
May 3, 2008

Two pyrotechnic shows with a duration 18-20 minutes each will be displayed every Saturday night on the following dates above.

Visit World pyro olympics official website

Monday, February 25, 2008


Marketa Iglova's Oscar's Speech

I was watching this morning the Oscars ( February 25 here in Manila), and I was able to see the acceptance speech from the Marketa Irglova, Best Original Song winner. For those who havent watch it, it could have gone down as one of the most harsh moment in Oscars. Why? The orchestra swelled just as petite Best Original Song co-winner stepped up to the microphone to speak following partner Glen Hansard. The pair won for their tune "Falling Slowly" from the indie musical "Once," but only Hansard gave an acceptance before their moment in the spotlight seemed to be over.
After a commercial break, host Jon Stewart brought the 19-year-old Czech musician back on stage for a second chance to give an acceptance speech.

her speech was one of the best Oscar's speech I have ever heard:

"The fact that we're standing here tonight, the fact that we're able to hold this, it's just proof that no matter how far out your dreams are, it's possible.And, you know, fair play to those who dare to dream, and don't give up. This song was written from the perspective of hope, and hope, at the end of the day, connects us all, no matter how different we are."

Ver well said. Thanks Jon Stewart and the production staff of Oscars for giving Ms.Marketa a second chance.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My American Idol Season 7 Top 10 Contenders

The competition begins. Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul & the infamous Simmon Cowell had just picked the 24 American Idol wannabees for this seventh season. Now its up to us, soryy i mean the decision of choosing the next AI is up to the american viewers. I have watched the last two season of American Idol and sad to say that I was dissapointed to the outcome of Taylor Hicks and Jordin Sparks (2006 and 2007 winners). Well, I guess A.I. has produced only few "real idols" who has staying power in the music industry like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood; the rests are just simply "KARAOKE masters". I hope that this year Americans will discern easily the "IDOL" from the pretender.

I have here my top 10 picks for this season:
1. David Archuleta ( he's boy looking and he has a potential to be on the top 3 );
2. Ramielle Malubay ( love our very own, this Filipino-American petite girl really rocks);
3. Carly Smithson ( this Irish girl reminds me of evanescence's amy lee
4. Brooke White ( simply she's angelic looking isnt she, my favourite among the girls)
5. Jason Castro( very talented person )
6. Michael Johns ( this aussie guy is my favorite among men contenders, he reminds me of Ricky Martin)
7.Syesha mercado ( she got beautiful voice, sexy body and a weird name too )
8. Robbie Carico ( he looks like an old rocker turned wrestler but he got a good voice too)
9 David Cook ( his voice is like of the frontman of the band Iris )
10. Chikeze Eze ( the only black chosen from the 12 male contenders, his voice reminds me of peabo bryson).

you may also visit and check the latest updates on American Idol season 7.
Have a nice day folks!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Name the NASA's latest telescope!

Would you like to name the next great space telescope? Here's your chance:

NASA is inviting members of the general public from around the world to suggest a new name for the Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope, otherwise known as GLAST, before it launches in mid-2008. GLAST is designed to probe the most violent events and exotic objects in the cosmos from gamma-ray bursts to black holes and beyond.
"We're looking for suggestions that will capture the excitement of GLAST's mission and call attention to gamma-ray and high-energy astronomy," says Alan Stern, associate administrator for Science at NASA Headquarters in Washington DC. "We hope someone will come up with a name that is catchy, easy to say and will help make the satellite and its mission a topic of dinner table and classroom discussion."

The telescope's key scientific objectives include:

* Exploring the most extreme environments in the Universe, where nature harnesses energies far beyond anything possible on Earth
* Searching for signs of new laws of physics and what composes the mysterious dark matter
* Understanding how black holes accelerate immense jets of material to nearly light speed
* Cracking the mysteries of stupendously powerful explosions known as gamma-ray bursts
* Answering long-standing questions about solar flares, pulsars and the origin of cosmic rays

Suggestions for the mission's new name may be an acronym, but that is not a requirement. Any suggestions for naming the telescope after a scientist may only include names of deceased scientists whose names are not already used for other NASA missions. All suggestions will be considered. The period for accepting names closes on March 31, 2008. Participants must include a statement of 25 words or less about why their suggestion would be a strong name for the mission. Multiple suggestions are encouraged.

To submit a suggestion for the mission name, visit:
Anyone who drops a name into the "Name That Satellite!" suggestion box on the Web page can choose to receive a "Certificate of Participation" via return e-mail. Participants also may choose to receive the NASA press release announcing the new mission name. The announcement is expected approximately 60 days after launch of the telescope.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

World Pyro Olypics 2008

Here's an update to those fireworks wizards lovers, the 3rd World Pyro Olympics which is supposed to be scheduled this month of February is rescheduled once again; it will be moved on the last week of March 2008 at the Esplanade at the Back of Mall of Asia in Pasay City. I got this shedule from rocker' world so check out below WPO Schedule:

March 29 China (CN) vs Germany (DE)
April 05 Korea (KR) vs Canada (CA)
April 12 Japan (JP) vs Australia (AU)
April 19 Italy (IT) vs Venezuela (VE)
April 26 France (FR) vs PHILIPPINES (PH)

What to bring:

-Bring your family or your special someone..... it would be a good opportunity to those guys who want to make their marriage proposal to their girlfriends unique and "totally a blasting experience" hahaha i would say. Would it be nice that your girl friend will say yes under the fireworks display?

-Bring extra money, or if you have time, try to bring snacks.....based from my experience, the time interval between the fireworks display of the two countries is quite long, about one to an one hour and half long.

- Don't bring your vehicle to get there, it is better to commute! the parking is not the problem, the problem is how to get your car out of the event's place after the show. Again, based from my experience, WPO is renowned event for creating humongous and monstrous traffic! I swear!

- The camera of course! any kind will do, camera phone, digital, high end cameras, video cams, whatsover. But i highly recommend that somebody will shoot the show for you, its better to see the fireworks not behind the cameras.

What to expect....

The best is reserved at the last part, you should watch the display of the PHILIPPINES. You'll get amazed with the red flares (about 5O or more) floating in the sky on the last part of exhibition. You'll never stop to say more!!! more!!!!

As per experience, WPO is really a jaw dropping event. Expect to hear the words WOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!, WOOOOOOAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! " ASTIG", GALING and many more words. You'll also experience SHOCK WAVES produced by those huges canon balls, No kidding!

I got those photos above from IAN ONG's flixters fro the last WPO Compettion.

Thoughts about love

For the sake of Valentine's Day, I will share my thoughts about the most powerful force in the universe, that is what Ashlee Simpson had spelled in her song; L-O-V-E, that is what all we need according to BEATLES; It's definitely the most powerful force in the universe; LOVE drives you into the next level of your personality; LOVE changes you, dramatically and drastically!im serious man, LOVE drives you crazy whether your a guy, a gal or a... whatever. You're outta this world if you have'nt experienced it, oh, let me rephrase it, you're a genderless creature if you do not feel LOVE? If there's no LOVE in this Universe, everything is nothing and meaningless. Agree? It is LOVE who drove GOD to send HIS ONLY SON JESUS to save us from death, that whoever believes in JESUS will not perish, but have an everlasting LIFE. That is PURE, HOLY, LOVE! But come to think also that LOVE can be turned into a dark force; you can be greedy, tell lies, kill someone ( man, that is a serious case! ), lose someone, ....everything that is the opposite of PURE LOVE.
Did i ever fall in love? What the? Yeah, a lot! i am human, remember! And it always drives me wild....add the word insane and mad, and count the word RISKY too. I like the feeling of being in love when the person you love has the same feelings for you. I love the process of buying exquisite chocolates to your dearest and other courting rituals. HAPPY VALENTINES TO ALL! Am I in a relationship right now? NOPE. Am I courting someone, I dunno? Am I in love with some one....yup.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

At last, my blog has a worth!

Wow! Im glad to know that my blogsite has already a worth. A million thanks to all my readers! My blog is now worth $564 bucks!!!! Blog buyer, anyone?(hahaha). Hey check out your blog's worth at this site:

Burn the fats baby!

Arrrrggggg!!!! I got alarmed when I stood on the weighing scale last week; the weighing scale needle stopped at 150, Im fifteen pounds heavier, blame that long non-stop eating yuletide season here in the philippines. I used to be only 135 pounds last November, you know, and gaining a lot of pounds is no joke. My problem now is that I can't start to do simple exercises to retain my previous weight. Lousy me, hehe. What I am doing now as a temporary solution is drinking green tea everyday, I just started last Wednesday.......hehehe, I've drunk at least about 1.5 liters of green tea today. I really used to drink green tea, I just stopped because its quite expensive. Well, let's see what will green tea could do in trimming the fats that i have collected from the past several months. May be I'll start my exercise program after this week.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

***, and " National Broadband Network" Deal

If there's a smoke, there's a fire. That is the problem with the "Commissioner", and the palace people; they do know how to create fire but they dont know how to extinguish it. To the Filipino people, the new revelations revealed by the new key witness about the NBN and ZTE deal were quite "revealing", yet, i am not surprised about what the COMELEC Officer has done. Remember, that is his work description, he's a " COMMISIONER", right? That old man wants to have a commision of just a small amount of $ 130 million bucks from the $ 329 million government project. Imagine that , if that project was not cancelled and was awarded to *****'s giant telecom provider *** with the help of the COMMISSIONER, *** will provide that $329 million loan to the government, which means, we the Filipino people will shoulder the payment for ***. Thank heaven for the son of the dethroned House Speaker. What a government our country has! I hope that the people from National Geogaphic and Discovery Channel are reading this, may be you could feature our government in your shows, it will be really interesting to feature a "ghost fearing monitor lizard " residing in a Palace which is also infested with "military parasites". You could also show the "pork eating crocodiles" in the House of Congress. Not to mention those "small time commisioner rodents" in the local governments. The question now is..... after we have heard "the buzz" from the Crying, self proclaimed "small time Chinese guy" in the senate, what will happen next? By the way, I was advised by my parents not to go malling, and to use the LRTs and MRTs these coming days. Yeah, I know, those guys will create ways to divert the issue by any means.

To those officials who are seating in government offices because of the mandate of the Filipino people, do you believe that there's an eternity after life on this earth? All of us will be judged accordingly to what we have done here on this planet. But you guys will be judged greater for you have given a greater accountabilty.

Bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan ay wag magalit.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Due to insistent public demand, Dr. Myles Munroe, best selling author of “Rediscovering the Kingdom”, “Understanding Your Potential”, and other books is back in the country to speak at the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI) Philippines’ one-day seminar for Christian leaders and workers at the Philippine International Convention Center, Roxas Boulevard, Manila on Wednesday, February 28, at 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM. For ticket inquiries, please contact the FGBMFI National Office at 047-2247203 or 0917-4001003 (Sally dela Cruz), the PNPBF National Office at 931-5177 or 0905-8405664 (Manny Afable), Word for the World Christian Fellowship at 819-0606 (Pastor Raymund Ladao), or Bert Lotilla at 0917-8920702.

He is also scheduled to preach at Alabang New Life Christian Center at Muntinlupa City onMarch 2, 2008 ( Admission is free ).

An international motivational speaker, lecturer, educator and business consultant, Dr. Munroe is the founder and president of Bahamas Faith Ministries International, an all-encompassing network of ministries headquartered in Nassua, Bahamas.

Vote Tubbataha to be one of the 7 wonders of the world

Hello everyone,

It will take just a minute of your time.
Help us in winning one of our pride.
Vote Tubbataha to be one of the 7 wonders of the world. Just follow the link below.

Tubbataha Reef has been nominated to be a candidate on the
selection of the New Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the same organization that chose the 7 wonders of the world. Selection will be on based sms, online and phone voting.

Tubbataha is a reef ecosystem made up of two atolls located in the middle of the Sulu Sea. It is a sanctuary for marine life. The reefs lie on the Cagayan Ridge, a line of extinct underwater volcanoes which starts from the north at the Sultana Shoal and it ends in the south at the San Miguel Islands. It is located 92 nautical miles southeast of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan and 80 nautical miles southwest of Cagayancillo, the municipality that exercises political jurisdiction over it. It was proclaimed as a National Marine Park on August 11, 1988 and inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage in 1993, in recognition of its outstanding universal value in terms of marine life species diversity and richness.

There were 10 sites nominated from our country but Tubbataha was the only entry accepted. Please visit, you will see the voting page. Currently, Tubbataha is rank 32 out of
thousands of entries! We have to be included among the top 21 to be nominated for the final 7. Please vote for Tubbataha.

Thank you.

Have a nice day

Tuesday, February 5, 2008